[code archive.]

source of prototype_1 (11/20/01)
source of prototype_2 (11/22/01)
initial game architecture code (01/23/02)
final prototype package (05/29/02)


[document archive.]

high concept document
preliminary design document (128k / first draft, 10/05/2001)
preliminary design document (with dave's comments / html)
preliminary design document, second draft (10/11/01)
technical design document, first draft (10/28/01)
meeting notes (10/28/01)
technical design document, second draft (11/02/01)
tech doc draft from alan and serif (11/14/01)
tech doc draft from connie (11/14/01)
tech doc draft from cynthia (11/16/01)
technical design document, final (11/23/01)
technical design document, final (html)
roadmap draft andy (01/07/02)
game roadmap (56k / updated first draft, 01/11/02)
game roadmap (first draft / html)
cvs documentation (01/30/02)